Over the last three decades, entrepreneurs have discovered how market research services have emerged as a significant tool in exalting the overall productivity of a venture

Even corporate entities from different industries have further realized the pertinence of such business analytics companies that help in formulating control mechanisms which steer the venture in the right direction.

With SAKS Global as your Business Process Outsourcing partner, your company stands to gain an unconditional access to gather valuable information on crucial research-topics like Peer Group Analysis and Executive Compensation Benchmarking amongst others.

But that’s not it.

Our research wing is renowned for disseminating top-notch research content to our clients. This is possible solely because of our inbuilt research methodology which compels us to study and observe enormous amounts of data thus providing the best outsourcing services to different types of companies.

We use our years of experience and knowledge to extrapolate industry-specific market trends and patterns. When companies depend on us while outsourcing research projects, we make sure that our experts conceive reliable procedures which help in reducing the overall operational costs as well.

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The Crew


Arulini Sivamoorthy

Manager - Research

A Graduate finance preferred, over six years of experience in Finance / Research field. Strong planner and problem solver who readily adapts to change, works independently and exceeds expectations. Able to juggle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Reading for MBA, University of Colombo.


Deeksha Sankalpani

Team Leader

Deeksha has been a part of the SAKS Research & Analytics team since 2013. As the Team Leader Deeksha plays an energetic and enthusiastic role in SAKS Research Team providing originality and quality whilst successfully meeting client deadlines. Her key strengths lie in corporate finance research, critical thinking and creative problem solving. She also possesses an excellent ability to analyze and understand data, with an eye for detail. Deeksha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management specialized in Operations & Technology Management (First class Honors) from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. She is a CIMA passed finalist.

We offer flexibility to our clients while constantly improving and developing our range of research offerings to ensure we exceed your expectations. We build relationships with our clients that continue to diversify and grow as per your business requirements.