SAKS multi-layered automation framework - Creating competitive advantage via process optimization

saks process automation

Many consider Process Automation Solutions to be essential for operational growth of a company. We at SAKS understand that automation is not a one-size-fits-all phenomenon. We create tailored automation solutions which create optimal value within a short span of time.

Our first step is to identify processes which can support technological automation. Even though it is tempting to apply automation at every level, there might be processes which are functioning optimally without automation. It is absolutely necessary to segregate processes that are best left untouched

Recent developments indicate that some technologies have proven to be cost-effective while maintaining a healthy “value proposition” score. It is often observed how companies exhibit sheep-like behavior and end up imitating technologies that seldom produce good results for them. SAKS’ multi-layered automation framework focuses on infusing technologies that fit your business and its objectives appropriately

With the deployment of our automation framework, we can identify processes rigidity within core systems. Our automation strategies support cross-organizational collaboration which helps our clients stay abreast of changing market conditions

As our automation frameworks move towards completion, we keep a keen eye on the relevant metrics (key performance indicators). These performance indicators help us quantify the effectiveness of our framework while helping us formulate policies for the future. At SAKS, we devise process-oriented approaches which help us set up achievable goals reflecting growth across various sectors of your organization.

Set goals for the year and evaluate periodically to see if you are on track to meet your goals; if not, dig into why for example your expenses are higher than you projected

Developing Core Capabilities Across Multiple Business Areas

At SAKS, our fundamental aim is to infuse necessary levels of automation at the deepest possible level to create efficiencies needed for businesses to scale rapidly. We set-up a digital benchmarking framework to easily compare the actual and projected outcomes of the given set of business processes. We strive to improve the core operational capabilities of your company in order to minimize costs, create efficiencies and achieve modernization.

Our automation experts scrutinize your company’s business architecture to understand the scope of automation required at every level. We also identify specific areas that we believe need to undergo a transformation so that you spend your resources efficiently.

Automation solutions should help reduce the amount of time an employee spends to complete a given task

Process automation should empower companies to incorporate new and improved technologies into their day-to-day operations in an effortless manner

Recurring manual tasks often consume more time and incur heavy costs compared to automated tasks which produce better outcomes by using lesser/fewer resources

AntWorks - Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Intelligent Automation Company

SAKS strategically partners with Antworks to enhances it's core capabilities as your process automation services partner. This collaboration further equips us to deal with and effectively resolve complex AI and Machine Learning obstacles experienced during the process of digital transformation of your company.

Headquartered in Singapore, AntWorks is the only AI and Intelligent Automation company possessing the exceptional ability to fathom every data-type that exists. It is also credited with being able to effectively extract value from unstructured data, thus re-defining the landscape of the automation industry.

Driven by the unique philosophy of Fresh, Fearless and Fast, AntWorks has successfully carved a niche in digitizing even the tiniest piece of information available to them. Their comprehensive automation solutions cover a wide range of industries such as Healthcare, Telecom, Airlines, Education, Banking and Insurance.

SAKS provides Process Automation solutions that offer control over mission-critical business processes by developing core capabilities across multiple business areas, to give your business a competitive advantage.