SAKS Analytics Provide Data Science services and product development. We empower decision-makers to proactively make decisions and develop strategies to grow their business. Our services include Data Preparation / Data Wrangling, Business Intelligence tools and dashboards, Predictive Analytics and AI / Machine Learning applications

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Overcome Data Challenges Optimize Utility, Accuracy And Value Of Data

We provide data preparation and management services for structured and unstructured data, enabling organizations to derive the optimal value from data assets. Our cloud-based platforms provide organizations the required infrastructure, data ingestion and preparation pipelines to transform the data in to readily useable inputs into BI and analytical processes.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

SAKS BI services empowers decision-makers to effect near real-time course corrections needed to grow any business by providing easy access internal and external data sources, deriving actionable insights using self-service and guided analytics, Tracking and monitoring KPIs and enabling communication and collaboration channels based on information sharing.

The data and insights generated are converted into interactive reports, dashboards and other data visualization objects which assist employees across the enterprise in making better and more timely decisions.

Empower Decisions, Through Effective Analytical Solutions

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Business Analytics / Predictive Analytics

SAKS provides targeted business analytics for industries including BFSI, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and retail industries. Our engagements are customized to solve critical business issues using data.

Our data scientists can also devise analytical solutions that supersede industry standards giving you the competitive edge you seek.

Data Mining And Predictive Analytics To Optimize Business Outcomes

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• Answer complex questions using data

• Identify strategic insights and actions

• Design and conduct business experiments

• Successfully manage your strategic decisions through data driven insights

• Realize the strategic value of your data

AI And Machine Learning

AI and Algorithm Machine Learning bear the potential to transform how companies operate, deduce, understand insights and create value. We are primarily exploring the tactical applications of major Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications:

Current Interests And Research On Machine Learning

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Develop Solutions, Incorporating State Of The Art AI And Machine Learning Technologies

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Our Tech Stack

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Executive Crew


Jerome Perera


Jerome is an experienced manager of data science & AI teams comprising of multidisciplinary data professionals. He has 12 years of experience in Data Science and has managed projects and teams on behalf of global organisations and start-ups. An expert in delivering valuable financial and operational insights, Jeromes’ 15+ years of experience in IT services in the BFSI, Retail, Telecommunications and Service industries allows him to look at data not only from a technical/scientific point of view but also from a business perspective – a key factor in providing truly actionable, in-context, data driven insights


Dr. Zeeshan Ul-Hassan Usmani


Holds a PhD in Computer Science with 17 years of experience in Data Science. Areas of expertise are Tech Assesment, Open Datasets, Simulation and Modeling, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Census, AI, Personalization, Behavior Modeling, Customer Lifetime Value and IoT.


Buddhinath Jayatilleke, PhD


Holds a PhD in Computer Science, along with 17 years of experience in Data Science. His areas of expertise are HR analytics, text analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, statistical analysis, product development and data visualization

A data-driven business is an enterprise that relies on the use of data and related technologies to provide inputs and insights so that its decision makers don’t rely on mere “gut feel” in making critical decisions.