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We are always on the look out for passionate learners and doers that excel in what they do, are curious and enjoy continuous learning. Thrive in demanding situations and derive innovative solutions to tackle any existing challenge.

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We encourage and facilitate cross-functional experiences which allows you to work and perform across various disciplines and job functions. You can even choose your field of interest and work your way towards a specialization.

We want our teammates to continuously learn while they work with us. We want them to learn specialized skills and gain valuable work experiences that will help them with their career at SAKS or anywhere else they choose to work.

In addition to providing on-job training and mentoring, we also engage with external experts and educators to deliver advanced skills development workshops. Work Environment - Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and having fun while delivering incredible value to our clients are hallmarks of our work environment.

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A visionary startup with verticals in Finance & Accounting, Data Science & AI, Process Automation, Mobility and Customer Experience/Contact Center to see your career sky rocket.

At SAKS, we ensure that our employees have ready and frequent access to best-in-class training, mentoring and professional development opportunities. We provide an employee-friendly work environment that promotes teamwork, collaboration and continuous learning. Our culture rewards positive engagement, knowledge sharing, risk-taking and team performance.

Our teams are driven by quality and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient and accurate solutions to our clients.

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